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life is about what you gather from it

Gather box services

For the photo lover, family historian, legacy seeker and passionate human.

We offer a shoebox transfer of images to digital for $99.99

1000 images $450.00.

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We scan prints negative and slides

Bring up to 200 standard 35 mm slides, negatives, or prints to the store and we will digitize them, so you can print, email and view on your computer.

We can also do non standard size slides and negatives please see in store for details.

Non standard size = $2.79 each.

Shop Box of Non STANDARD negatives or slides
$129.00 for up to 125 images.

For the artistic:

We can create a digital file of you works of art including: sketches drawings, and Paintings.

Use your works of art slide to make cards, Photo gifts, large prints, calendars, and canvas’s

We can digitize almost any size painting, sketch or drawing.

Prices start at $20.00 (additional costs may apply if framed)

Scan services pricing

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Digitization of Prints or Slides
Price Per Quantity of 5 or less
Additional ScansPrice
Per Quantity over 5
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