passport photos & ID

Planning on taking a vacation abroad?

We do Passports and Visa’s for most countries

  • United States
  • Euro Zone and the United Kingdom
  • Most Asian countries including Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia
  • Most South American countries
  • Most African countries
Canadian passport
Extra set of 2
Canadian Citzenship
Permanent Resident
Fire arms acquisition license
All types of other ID
Bonus: We are offering a $20.00 coupon for use on photo prints with passport photos.


Don’t wear white. Dark colours are best.

For babies and infants, teeth cannot be seen in photos.

Bring small food items such as Cheerios, this will help keep the baby’s mouth closed.

Bring a blanket to hide the baby’s hands.

Need a Newborn baby passport?

We are the ‘go to’ location for baby and infant passport pictures.

We photograph infants as young as one week old.

We have a custom-built light table which allows your baby’s picture to be taken from above while they lay down.

We also have a Bumbo seat for babies that can sit up.

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