Shoebox Scanning

From Slides

Shoebox Scanning Service

Do you have boxes of slides sitting around the house or in storage? There is no better way to protect, share and enjoy them than to convert them to digital. We'll take your slides, professionally scan them and digitally preserve them on a DVD or USB key, or delivered online. This is the perfect way to organize and start sharing your cherished slides again!

We make it easy to professionally scan and digitized all your slides with our shoebox slide scanning service.

How to order Shoebox Scanning from slides

Place your order and pay online
Order your shoebox
Order and Pay Online
Box your slides
Once you receive the box, fill it with your slides!
Send the box to us
Mail the box to us using the pre-paid Mailing Label included in the box or come and drop it at the store.

Enjoy your new collection of professionally scanned pictures!

Once your pictures are scanned you will receive a DVD or USB key with all of your newly digitally archived pictures! 
This is where the fun begins as you can easily and instantly start sharing your memories with friends and family.
Don’t worry, we’ll send your originals back to you!

How to order in-store

Drop by the store to get your shoebox
Fill it with the slides you want to scan
Bring the box back in-store
Once the work is done, we will be in touch
Come pick up your original slides and digitalized photos.

Details about the shoebox scanning service

Once we receive your slides, we professionally scan and digitalize them.
  • We accept slides between 2 x 3 (wallet size) and 8 x 12 inches.
  • Choose Silver or Gold Package wa . Files saved as JPG file. The digital files will be returned to you on a DVD or USB key, or delivered online, depending on the service you selected.
  • Turn-around time: 10 business days on shoebox quantities of 200 or less. Please contact store for turn-around time on larger orders.
  • Slides with removable metal frames should have metal frame removed or $0.10 /slide fee applies
  • Some slides must be flatbed scanned and will be billed separately. You will be contacted prior to this being done

What you need to know

  • Please sort your prints facing up and by grouping same sizes together.
  • Rigid or mounted prints will not be accepted (Polaroid, Fuji Instax or mounted type of prints). For these prints, we recommend our regular scanning service.
  • Slides must be loose and unmounted, not in photo albums, without staples, tape or other materials that could damage the scanning equipment will not be processed.
  • Prints are scanned in a random order. Although we cannot guarantee it, we will make every effort to ensure that all images are scanned in order and correctly oriented.
  • Price does not include cleaning slides. We do not want to harm the original slide.
  • If the box contains over 1000 slides, we reserve the right to contact you and provide you with a quote for the individual scans.
  • If the box contains large or fragile pictures, we reserve the right to contact you and provide you with a quote for the individual scans over 1000 slides we reserve the right to contact you and provide you with a quote for the individual scans.