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Digital transfers

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Video tapes

We can transfer and digitize most tape formats including VHS, VHSC, Beta, Digital 8 High 8 and

Standard 8 mm. We can also transfer PAL format VHS tapes.

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Base price is $35 for the first two hours transferred.

Additional time:

$15/ hour to transfer to DVD.

$20/hour for digital plus cost of USB device

$25/ hour for both DVD and Digital Copy plus cost of USB.

If you wish to supply your own USB stick or portable hard drive then only transfer costs apply.


We can digitize your old 8mm/ Super 8 or 16 MM projector film.


Without sound -  $0.25 per foot plus USB stick or portable hard drive

With sound -  $0.30/foot plus USB stick or portable hard drive

Supply your own stick or Hard Drive and save money!

Audio cassettes

We also transfer audio to digital and reel to reel.

Pricing casettes:

$10 per cassette

Pricing reel to reel:

$45.00 First two hours or less

$20.00 per hour after first two hours

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