Audio & Video Transfers

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Projector Film

We can digitize your 8mm, Super8 and 16mm projector film.

(minimum charge $50.00)
$0.35/Foot USB Stick Included

Splicing: $2.75/splice
Discounts apply for large quantities.

Digitize Your Projector Film


We can transfer and digitize most tape formats including VHS, VHSC, Beta, camcorder tapes, MiniDV, Video8, High8, Digital8 as well as PAL format video.

(minimum charge $52.50)

Base price is $52.50 for the first two hours. USB stick Included

Additional time:
$25.00/hour for each additional hour

Additional DVDs: $10.00 each

Commercial tape media: $60.00/hour (minimum charge $60.00 plus cost of USB)

Review tapes for content not to be transferred: $4.00/tape

Discounts apply for large quantities.

Digitize Your Video


We can digitize audio tapes to digital format, including reel-to-reel audio.

Audio cassettes: $15.00 per cassette (minimum charge $15.00)
$3.00 for each CD burned
Reel-to-Reel-audio: $50.00 for the first hour transferred plus cost of USB
$40.00/hour for each additional hour
(minimum charge $50.00)

Digitize Your Audio

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