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Shoebox Scanning Service

Do you have boxes of photos sitting around the house or in storage? There is no better way to protect, share and enjoy them than to convert them to digital. We'll take your photos, professionally scan them and digitally preserve them on a DVD or USB key, or delivered online. This is the perfect way to organize and start sharing your cherished photos again!
We make it easy to professionally scan and digitized all your photos with or shoebox photo scanning service.

To arrange for pick up or to ship to us follow these 3 easy steps

Please print this worksheet and place with order
Setup your order + pay deposit here
Order + Pay Here
Put your Photo's in a box and print this shipping label
The online print form must be filled in and put inside the box, while the shipping label must be attached to the outside of the box.
Shipping label
Send the box to us
Calgary Custom Photo Services
South Land Crossing
Unit 610, 9737 Macleod Tr SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 0P6
Note: Ship anywhere in Canada with prepaid shipping Boxes if weight is 11 lbs (5Kg) or less. Box sizes are 14 x 10 x 2 in or 15 x 10 x 4 in. Cost is $18.00 or $23.00 from Canada post.
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Enjoy your new collection of professionally scanned pictures!

Once your pictures are scanned you will receive a DVD or USB key with all of your newly digitally archived pictures! 
This is where the fun begins as you can easily and instantly start sharing your memories with friends and family.
Don’t worry, we’ll send your originals back to you!

Bring us your collection of photo's + photo Albums

Put all your prints in a box, bag or container and bring to us.
Note: Prints removed from the album will lower your cost
Bring the box back in-store

North Hill Hall
Unit 1753 North Hill Centre
1632, 14 Avenue Northwest
Calgary, Alberta
South Land Crossing

Unit 610, 9737 Macleod Tr SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 0P6

Once the work is done, we will be in touch
Come pick up your original photos and digitalized photos.

Details about the shoebox scanning service

Once we receive your photos, we professionally scan and digitalize them.
  • We accept photos between 2 x 3 (wallet size) and 8 x 12 inches.
  • Choose resolution wanted. Files saved as JPG file. The digital files will be returned to you on a DVD or USB key, or delivered online, depending on the service you selected.
  • Turn-around time: 10 business days on shoebox quantities of 200 or less. Please contact store for turn-around time on larger orders.

What you need to know

  • Please sort your prints facing up and by grouping same sizes together.
  • Photos must be loose and unmounted, not in photo albums, without staples, tape or other materials that could damage the scanning equipment or additional fees may apply
  • Prints are scanned in a random order. Although we cannot guarantee it, we will make every effort to ensure that all images are scanned in order and correctly oriented
  • Price does not include cleaning photos. We do not want to harm the original photo.