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Nigel Sutton

Owner of Calgary Custom Photo Services Avid Scenic and wildlife photographer. Review this site for photo galleries of:

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Since helping start Calgary Custom Photo Services in 2015, Taya has achieved a degree in Linguistics with a Minor in Speech pathology from the University of Calgary.

She is passionate about Photography and helping you attain the prefect image, whether for your home, your office or as a gift for a loved one. She can often be found Digitizing and Archiving in the North Hill location.

She has grown from part time employee while finishing her degree, to managing the North location. One of her biggest passions is helping you pass your family history and legacy along from one generation to the next. Working in a family business, she knows and understands how important it is to collect and treasure your families past memories, and make them attainable to the future generations.

Whether you have questions about Slides, Negatives, Documents or home movies, Taya will help you make sure that your legacy continues.

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Joe Desjardins

For nearly three decades, Joe has been immersed in the world of photography. He began his career as a studio photographer in Northern Ontario, Canada. Growing up in this remote area afforded him the opportunity to learn his craft while exploring the outdoors, making nature and landscape photography a perfect fit.

Today, Joe works as a professional photographer out of the Calgary, Alberta region, focusing mainly on wildlife and landscape photography. He also loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm of photography with others through teaching, workshops and speaking engagements.

Joe is an award-winning and nationally published photographer who has earned multiple national accreditations in a variety of disciplines including equine, landscape, nature, wildlife and more. Joe has also garnered the designation of Master Photographer (MPN) in Nature Photography with MPIO, Master Photographers International.

Joe has also become an ambassador for Panasonic, becoming a Lumix Storyteller - For information on this accomplishment, Click here!

Above all, Joe’s biggest passion is teaching. He loves the enthusiasm his students bring to the classroom and the field. “There is nothing more rewarding than when a fellow photographer/student comes away with an image they are proud of”.

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